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After-sales service


After selling the property service : is an integral part of the sales strategy of Al-Saman Real Estate Company, and does not end its role as soon as you buy the villa or house or office, as we are aware that our customers may need other services after the delivery of the property to them, as if they need help in Maintenance and quality assurance of all its facilities and other services

Our company offers many service options that will make you feel safe if you are not in the property where we maintain and maintain it through our inspection visits to your property, in addition to helping you to choose the type of brushes required by our partners who deal with them and provide the best types of brushes for homes, offices and others and we help you In the design and selection of your home decor by engineers specialized in this area, we also provide a rental service to our customers and ensure the transfer of monthly rent to the owner of the property, and we pay all the financial dues of the property from the bills of electrification Water, telephone, Internet and the annual municipal fees and monthly fees related to the building residential services and assistance in obtaining water, electricity and gas line landline phone and Internet counter and any other matter may binds you

Other Services