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Tips when buying a property in Turkey

Tips for buying real estate in Turkey

1- Make sure you choose the location of the property you will invest in.

The location of the property is one of the most important factors that if not taken into account correctly, it will lead to the failure of investment and it may lead to loss in some cases so the investor must always pay attention to the scrutiny and taking the time to choose the investment site that he intends to conduct, This is not the result of the real estate properties that the property has in terms of its services, for example, in terms of the future possibilities of the population activity and its nature in the region. Therefore, the investor must be careful in choosing the site. Investor Which relies on a successful real estate broker to reach his goal in standard time

2-Make sure you have a reliable and honest real estate broker.

The professional real estate broker understands the investor's request and then directs it to the most profitable possibilities. The successful and honest broker collects different prices from others in most cases. The real estate center is a competitive middle class, and the reliable real estate broker gets what you ask for. At the best price, so the investor must adopt a suitable and experienced broker

3-Stay away from properties that have problems or defects.

Such problems may delay your access to your property document (eg, the property has a debt to a bank or company). You should always check all the documents in your hands that describe the property. This is done with the help of your real estate broker and government departments related to real estate, If you buy the property from its owner who is a person and not a company, in case you buy your property from a construction company, check the reputation of this company and the extent of its commitment to what it promises you

4-Be careful about contracts and confirmations that you will sign.

If you start with the procedures of owning the property, check every item in it and the numbers that describe the property, which reflect the amounts that you will pay, and make sure to confirm the conditions set for you and in any case, such as the case of your withdrawal from the request of the property after the installation and the company's delay You should be very knowledgeable if you are buying real estate from all the details. You can use this for an interpreter who will read to you and explain everything you will sign. You can also use a real estate lawyer and your estate broker can do all this. Tasks and puts you in a picture What happens and what will happen, Saman Real Estate guides you on all these things and always puts you on the right path

5- Make sure that the price of the property you will buy is acceptable for the prices of similar properties and the same category.

This depends on the area where the property is located and you can ask your real estate broker to make sure you can ask yourself about it from nearby people. This is often the case if you purchased an old property from the owner. Which you ask for, you have to be careful and careful to do so, so you do not have a property that you will discover later that you will not be able to sell it with an increase in the price of its purchase or even the same old price. Such a situation rarely happens if you request a property from a construction company. Your real estate broker may not be trustworthy The price may be raised on its own in agreement with some construction companies that accept the same, Al-Saman Real Estate is committed to all its customers to be priced with sufficient quality that guarantees the buyer or the investor a considerable profit if he wanted to proceed to sell his property later

6- Make sure you see many options and do not rush.

Always try not to have one choice in your search for the property you will be buying. Your vision of more properties will often benefit you and will not hurt you. By conducting an extensive real estate tour, you can see the most important features available in the property category. And if you have a real estate broker help you be sure to ask him for similar properties within the material possibilities allocated by you so that you can compare and preference between what will be in your hands of options

7-It is advisable to hire a lawyer to check all contracts and documents when purchasing the property you have chosen to overcome any legal breach you may have.

8-It is advisable to examine the property thoroughly examined in terms of infrastructure such as health extensions and electrical connections hidden and other things that need maintenance to know the estimated cost in case the property is old.

9-It is not advisable to hurry when choosing the property where there are many factors that must be taken into account when choosing the property that you think it is appropriate for you as the service area surrounding the property, such as hospitals and schools and provide a transport network.

10-It is advisable to choose the appropriate real estate agent and registered with the government departments and avoid the brokers and vendors are not licensed so as not to be subject to any fraud.

11-In case the buyer does not reside in Turkey, it is advisable to appoint a person instead of him or to hire a lawyer to sign and extract the papers on his behalf to avoid traveling repeatedly to Turkey.

12-It is advisable for those who wish to buy their house through financing to ensure that they are able to pay their debts so that they do not fall into the risk of mortgaging the property, which is an unfortunate ending.

13-It is advised that after choosing the property that you see fit for you and your dependence on it pay the agreed terror until the property is sold in the waiting period, and it must be noted that this horror is not recoverable which does not return to the buyer in case the pledge is not made, but if the pledge is deducted from the amount Agreed Property.

14-It is advisable to negotiate the price and terms of purchase whether you will buy a building or apartment in real estate you must negotiate to ensure you get the best possible price.

15-It is advisable to visit Turkey to choose the type of property that best for you according to your needs and in the area you want to see the property in fact is not as a description on the phone or photographs.

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